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The project is born from an idea of Maria Rosaria Rizzo and Benedetta Pistillo, 2 Italian girls with a solid experience in the fashion industry and marketing events.

Fashion Influencer
Digital Expert
Communication Strategist

Maria Rosaria Rizzo

Fashion Influencer & Digital Expert

Maria Rosaria Rizzo is an italian fashion influencer and digital expert based in Paris, founder of La Coquette Italienne that is actually one of the most influent blog in France and Italy.

Her looks are daily featured on major international fashion magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Marieclaire, Harper’s Bazaar and many more. 

With her company she manages her social channels and the blog but also she is dedicated to fashion consulting and connecting people in the fashion and luxury industry.

Benedetta Pistillo

Marketing Communication Strategist

Benedetta Pistillo is a marketing communication strategist.

After having been communication director of an Italian fashion brand and having taken care of the marketing strategy for many brands in the luxury sector, she now manages her own consulting strategy company for luxury brands.

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